A territory

Nearby Paris, Scientipôle Capital benefits from the exceptional environment of the Paris-Saclay area (west side of the Great Paris).

This scientific and technical cluster concentrates 15 % of the french academic research (12000 researchers and 70000 students) and appears as one of the top 8 “innovation clusters” in the world, defined by the MIT Technology Review.

This area gathers the best research institutions, engineering schools, universities (Université Paris Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale-Supelec and  Ecole Normale Supérieure,…) and R&D centers of large high-tech companies (CEA, Renault, PSA, Air Liquide, Thalès, Safran, Sanofi, Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent, Danone, EDF…).

A side, growing fast, a network of 25.000 small and mid-size companies interact with the ecosystem (technology clusters, accelerators, incubators,…).

This expansion is just starting : many companies are created each year in the area, amongst them a large proportion of innovative startups.

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